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Friday, October 19, 2012

GOM 073 SOA S5E6 Small World

Hey everyone! Welcome to episode 73 of Girl Of Mayhem. Today we are going to be talking about episode 6 from season 5 of Sons Of Anarchy, titled Small World.
Let me give you guys a couple of disclaimers before we get started. First, I am in no way affiliated with the cast or crew of Sons of Anarchy, I am merely a fan doing a fan podcast. Second, I am not part of an MC, nor have I ever been so any info I get about that lifestyle is secondhand through another source such as the internet.
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I did not have any voicemails or emails this week so there is nothing to report in that area.
I did leave a voicemail at Watchers Of Anarchy, so if you tune in on Saturday to their live broadcast, or get it from iTunes next week you will get to hear my lovely voice :-)
The FX description for this episode is "Jax brings a new proposal to the club with serious consequences".
Music from this episode included Paul Rodgers with With Our Love, Johnny Berry with The End, Gene Casey with Manana Manana, The Howls with Weight, Lucero with Go Easy, and Quaker City Nighthawks with Cold Blues.
Now let's get to what happened this week!
When we open we see Gemma and Tara discussing where Jax is.  They notice in the newspaper the article about Sheriff Roosevelt's house being broken in to, and learn that Rita is in critical condition in the hospital.  **I knew the look between Rita and Gemma last episode was significant, to me, it was the foreshadowing for this episode.
Next we have Jax meeting with Pope.  Jax is questioning Pope about the home invasions (I really wish there was a better term for them, I'm sick of writing that phrase out).  Then Jax asks for help finding out who might behind them.  Jax then tries to pay Pope his cut (50k), instead Pope gives it back and presents a new deal to Jax.  If they double their normal drug run, Pope will ship half of it to Vegas.  In turn, Jax will not have to pay Pope anything, in fact SOA will get 100k and Jax himself will get 2% (of which he is to tell no one about, this is a 'gentlemen's deal').  Jax says he will discuss it with SOA and then the other gangs.
At the hospital, Unser has paid Roosevelt a visit.  Roosevelt believes the 9ers are behind this break-in, and the others, and blames SOA for 9er retaliation hitting Charming.  Unser disagrees with him, feels it is not "black" in nature, and they agree that someone in SOA is somehow behind this.  Then we get bad news when the doctor enters and announces that Rita has passed away from her injuries (this also means their unborn baby would have passed as well).
We then have Clay visiting his doctor at the hospital.  The doctor says that Clay's lung is doing well, that his progress is great, and Clay is to continue rehab and come back again in 2 months.
However, Clay runs in to Unser when leaving (fakes like he's still not doing well), and finds out Rita has passed.  Unser tells Clay about the DNA test Roosevelt is having done on the skin under Rita's fingernails.  Unser also mentions that he has suspicions that it's someone local who's "stirring the pot".
We go over to Gemma who is at home, and looking like she just got out of the shower.  She goes in to the kitchen and Carla is sitting there.  Carla pulls out a gun and forces Gemma into the bedroom, and makes a phone call (to Nero). 
*At this point we see Unser going by Gemma's to check on her, and sees Nero pulling up and going in to the house.
When Nero comes in he sees Carla with the gun.  Carla forces both Nero and Gemma in to the bed.  At first she tells Gemma to perform oral on Nero, and when Gemma attempts to do it she finds she can't and has a breakdown.  Nero gets up and says that he can't do it and tells Carla to shoot him.  She says she wanted to go out watching Nero "do your thing" and then Carla shoots herself in the head.  This was a huge surprise moment for me because I did not see this coming at all.  Nero then informs Gemma that Carla was his half-sister but madly in love with him.  Gemma tells Nero she'll take care of them mess.  He leaves the room, she tries to call Unser, who doesn't answer (as he is busy investigating the home invasions and is apparently upset at Gemma for having Nero at her house).
Back at Church, Jax tells the club about Pope's offer.  Bobby shows them the money that Pope didn't take (I guess to reaffirm the offer was real).  A vote is called, the patched over Nomads (Greg, Gogo, Frankie), Juice, and Clay dissent.  The vote is tied 5-5 when it comes to Tig's turn, and I noticed that Tig and Jax exchange a look before Tig votes.  Tig votes in favor, and I'm assuming that he does this to show he's supporting Jax.  I'm not sure how Tig would have voted if it wasn't for his word to Jax, but I wish they would have told us that part of it.  I also liked this because it shows Tig keeping his word.  The final vote is 6-5 in favor of the new deal.  (While I've mentioned who dissented, Happy, Fil, Chibs, Bobby, Jax, and Tig voted yes).
Bobby then talks to Jax, and he asks about Tara (in other words, has she met with Otto yet, you can imagine he'd like to hear that Otto is retracting his statement because that then clears Bobby and gives RICO the boot).
We see a brief scene at the prison where Tara is being informed of the inmate patient procedures.
Then we have the meeting with Marcus Alvarez (Mayans), Henry Lin (Chinese), and Tyler (new head of the 9ers), and Jax.  Jax lays out the new deal with them and gets their input.  They all agree to go ahead with it.
It was really good to see Alvarez again, when I met him in person in Feb of 2011 he was such an awesome guy and I look forward to every episode he's in now.  It was also good to see Lin, because we haven't seen the Chinese in awhile now.
August (Pope's right-hand man) then shows up.  He tells Jax that they haven't found anything out about the home invasions, but has a gift of good faith.  Next thing we see is Jax, Chibs, Tig, and Bobby going with August to Macky's house.  My thing is, why did August drive them there?  Why didn't he just give them the address and let them do what they had to do?  A little weird in my opinion.  Nevertheless, Macky (played by Jack Conley for those interested) is the guard who put on the fight between Opie and his ultimate killers.
The guys get out and go take care of business.  Macky sees them and tries to make a run for it but they catch him and put him in the house.  While they're in the kitchen Macky's wife comes in (Snookie is her first name, if you can believe that!) with a shotgun.  While distracted Macky tries to make a run for it but Jax corners him and both Macky and his wife are bound.  While sitting there, Bobby looks at Snookie and they all know she must be dealt with.  Tig deals the gunshot to her head while Macky watches, and Jax in approval says "collateral damage", which interestingly enough is what Pope said to him.  Then Jax tells the guys to get him a pipe (clearly in reference to the way Opie died, I'm assuming Jax wants to take Macky out the same way Macky had Opie taken out).
Back at the prison, Otto (who in fact does not need medical care) is brought to Tara.  Tara introduces herself as Jax's wife, and tells him that Bobby was being truthful about what he told Otto, that RICO has been stalled, and that Otto needs to retract his statement.  Otto is not amused and asks her not to visit him again and leaves.
At Gemma's house we see Clay looking at Carla's body.  Gemma says she didn't know who else to call (since of course Unser didn't answer).  Clay says he'll help her.  During this scene Clay asks if he can come by later, and strangely enough Gemma tells him he can.
Back at Macky's house Jax wants Macky to apologize, and Macky says that he only set up the fight because he was ordered to, and will help the guys with anyone they have on the inside.  I knew that CLEARLY they were not going to go for that because a) Jax needs his revenge and is no longer shy about dishing it out and b) because they just killed Macky's wife and they can't assume that Macky wouldn't retaliate.  Jax then says "I'm still not feeling it" and Tig has a snow globe and a hammer for Jax to use (not finding a pipe I guess he brought the next best thing).  Jax picks up the snow globe, winds it up to play the song and Tig says "Small world" (an obvious reference to the episode's title) and then Jax proceeds to beat Macky to death with the snow globe.  He does not stop until Tig pulls him off of Macky when the song ends.
The guys talk about what they're going to do with the bodies and they decide to call Happy and Fil in to bury Macky and his wife in the woods... Which does not seem like a foolproof plan to me.  Chibs asks Tig how he's doing and Tig says he now feels better and Chibs gives him a kiss on the cheek.
Over at the hospital, Gemma is with the kids and Tara shows up to spend time with them.  Gemma departs, and bumps in to Unser.  He is not at all happy with her, he's still in love with her but is upset because she just uses everyone, including him.
Jax meets with Pope again, and he continues to question the home invasions.  Pope says that someone from the inside may be trying to compromise Jax.  Pope speaks about his power and what he does to keep himself alive by saying "Fear protects me, greed insures it".  Jax tells Pope the deal passed his club and all the other gangs gave it the go-ahead as well.
While Jax, Chibs, Tig, and Bobby are on their way back to Charming, Roosevelt rides up along beside them and tries to get them to pull over.  Chibs flips him off and Roosevelt is angry and runs Bobby off the road.  After they all pull over Jax says to Roosevelt "that was some outlaw shit".  Chibs is in Roosevelt's face and Jax breaks it up.  Roosevelt is beyond angry and grief stricken and says "I'm gonna crush your club".  Jax tells Roosevelt he's sorry about Rita and tries to tell Roosevelt that the home invasions are not black retaliation, and therefore not caused by the club.  It's evident Roosevelt does not believe him.
At Gemma's house, Gemma is not home but Clay is there (because Gemma told him he could come by later).  Nero shows up, and Clay tells Nero he cleaned up (Carla's suicide).  Clay asks Nero about Nero's relationship with Gemma, and Nero basically says he doesn't know what's happening or where it's going. 
We then see Gemma at a bar drinking alone, a beer and a shot by her side.  A man walks up (Warren - played by Joel McHale, who at first I thought was a bizarre choice to be on SOA but I really liked his acting in that brief scene and am excited to see more) and asks to buy her a drink.
At Jax's house, Jax and Tara are both home and talking about their day.  He asks her about the meeting with Otto and she lies and says she hasn't been able to see him yet.  He lies to her as well and says his day was "quiet".
On a side note, I don't like what this lying to each other denotes.  It reminds me too much of Clay and Gemma who would lie to each other, working to take care of themselves first.
Jax says he wants to get away, and says the two of them should go up to the cabin to relax, alone.
Our final scene is Juice dropping Clay off at home.  Once Juice pulls away, Clay takes his oxygen off (reconfirming that he is putting on an act and doesn't need it).  When he walks in to the house, the newly patched in Nomads are there and he punches one of them and states "Idiots! You weren't supposed to kill her".  And now we know that Clay and the Nomads are indeed the ones responsible for the break-ins.  The question remains, why?
An action and plot-filled episode indeed.  We had some plot lines resolved (namely the guard) and now know who is responsible for the home invasions, although we still don't know why.  We had some characters die, Carla and Rita, and we were introduced to a new one (Warren).  We saw some old familiar faces we haven't seen in a bit (Lin and Alvarez).  It should be interesting to see what happens as we enter the second half of the season!
That's it for this week, I'm happy to say we're all caught up! I have already submitted my voice call to WOA, so check them out live on Saturday (10/20/12) or get their podcast on iTunes.
Until next time, take care everybody!

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