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Friday, October 12, 2012

GOM 070 SOA S5E3 Laying Pipe

Hey everyone! Welcome to episode 70 of Girl Of Mayhem. Today we are going to be talking about episode 3 from season 5 of Sons Of Anarchy, titled Laying Pipe.
Let me give you guys a couple of disclaimers before we get started. First, I am in no way affiliated with the cast or crew of Sons of Anarchy, I am merely a fan doing a fan podcast. Second, I am not part of an MC, nor have I ever been so any info I get about that lifestyle is secondhand through another source such as the internet.
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Don't forget, I still want all of your feedback!
I had a couple of nice emails this week from our friend Shep.  I also had some people tweet me on Twitter, and I want to thank you for that feedback.  In his emails, Shep mentioned something from previous seasons, asking if we'd see Linc again, if we would ever find out why it looked like they knew each other.  Personally I'm hoping we will get back to that storyline, but I don't know that it will happen this season.
Shep also made some points about this episode, saying that Sutter has upped the "sickness" level and that the plot twists are "brilliant".  He also talked about Tig, and how he thinks Jax will "throw him to the wolves" after Jax gets what he needs.
Today we are going to be talking about episode 3, Laying Pipe.  There won't be a character analysis today, but I'll try to have one next episode.
The description for this episode reads "A desperate situation tests familial and club bonds".  The music in this episode included the Mojo Monkeys with Beating Dead Horses, Mama's Song by Keaton Simons, Sun Kil Moon with Third And Seneca, and finally, Lay Me Down by Cold Specks.
Before I go over the specific details of the episode I just have to start by saying I am devastated by Opie's death.  It is just so sad.  Opie never got any justice, and had nothing but tragedy because of SOA.  I understand that it's part of a bigger plot line, and I knew from the beginning that this show was not always going to be happy-go-lucky, and I know the end of the series will not be a happy ending.  Frankly, I half expect everyone but Clay to be dead.  So while it was surprising that it happened when and how it did, it's not surprising that Opie died. 
Now we can get to our details!
When we begin this episode Jax, Tig, Chibs, and Opie are entering jail.  They are confronted by what I assume to be jailed 9ers, but the Mexicans step in between saying that orders come from above not to touch SOA.  The Mexican "leader" says to Jax "You got a spot with us".
Then we see Gemma at Nero's, Carla comes in and says that Emma Jean (played by Ashley Tisdale) is waiting.  Apparently Emma is a "freelancer" from Indiana.
Back at the jail, Chibs is worried about the guards, and one of the guards calls Jax to go with him.
Next we see the guys at the clubhouse.  We find out that Romeo wants to meet with them.  Gemma shows up, mentions that she's going to the hospital.
In the wardens office at the jail, we see Mr. Pope.  We see the warden putting away money when Jax comes in.  Pope talks to Jax alone.  One of my favorite lines from this part is when Pope says "Let's not discuss the tragedy of dead girls, that's an argument you'd lose".  Pope knows about SOA's relationship with the cartel (but apparently he doesn't know they're CIA, which is interesting because it points to the fact that while Pope may know a lot, he clearly doesn't know everything). He tells Jax he will now be taking 50% of their cut, Tig is to stay inside jail for life, and he needs a dead Son - the Commander will set it up.  Pope says "Cost of doing battle, to which Jax replies "I'm not going to war", and Pope responds "You're already in it, son".
Now we are at the main part of our episode.
The first thing we see is Jax with the warden (Commander?).  The only thing the officer will tell Jax is that he needs to see the guard in solitary.
Our next scene is Gemma at the hospital.  She's in the daycare, trying to see Abel and Thomas.  She's not on the list to visit with them, so she's not allowed to.  Of course this upsets Gemma, and she's given a consent form and storms off.
Tara is in with a patient, and Gemma barges in (Margaret tries to interfere but you know how Gemma is!).  At one point Tara says to Gemma "You will not bully me" and this is yet another example of how Tara is gaining strength to be the club matriarch.  Also during this part Tara makes a comment about the hickeys on Gemma's neck.
We have a brief scene at the yard in jail, where Jax tells the other guys half of what Pope wants.
The next thing we see is Clay meeting with Romeo.  Luis is upset about the truck ambush, but Bobby reassures the deliveries and tells him that the ambush was personal and had nothing to do with anyone trying to mess with the cartel.
Clay then wants Juice to take him to where Gemma's been, and basically guilts Juice in to taking him to the escort service.  Clay knows there's another guy.
Gemma then meets with Wendy.  She bribes her in to trying to set Tara up, by lying to her, and using Abel as leverage.  Wendy has an interesting point when she reminds Gemma that Gemma said to Wendy "He will never call you mommy".
Back at the jail yard, the guys from SOA start a fight with the 9ers.  They are taken to solitary (which may I note, in this part all the men are naked...).  Tig makes a racist comment (which I will not repeat) that clearly angers the other guys.
Next, Wendy stops by Tara's office.  She wants to talk about Abel (clearly this is the influence of Gemma). Tara tells Wendy about her marriage to Jax.  Wendy threatens to take them to court for custody, and Tara figures out that Gemma got to Wendy.  She tells Wendy that Gemma played her.  At the end, Tara calls Wendy and "ex junky biker whore", to which Wendy replies under her breath "Okay Gemma".
We then see Opie and Jax in their solitary cell.  They are having a conversation and Opie knows Jax hasn't sold the whole truth.  The guard comes in, wants to know which son has been chosen to die.  We find out that the guards have money on the fight.  After the guard leaves Jax tells Opie all of Pope's demands, he doesn't know how to keep everyone alive.  Jax also tells Opie about the letters, and the real truth as to why Clay killed Piney (and JT).
Opie grabs Jax in anger, "Why didn't you let me kill him?".  Then Jax tells Opie about the Cartel, Otto ratting out Bobby, RICO, and the IRA.  Jax says "That's the whole truth" to which Opie replies "you made the wrong choice".
We then see Tara with Margaret.  Margaret knows about the marriage, heard it from the nurses.  Gemma's waiting outside the daycare for the kids/Tara.
At the daycare Tara tells Gemma about Wendy.  A great quote from this part is when Gemma calls Tara "my pretty little Frankenstein".  Tara warns Gemma against hurting Tara and Tara's family.  Tara says she won't kill Gemma, but Jax might.  This is pivotal because Jax has always been endeared to his mother, but now that he's beginning to learn the truth about everything, how he views Gemma has changed.  Then Carla calls Gemma, apparently Clay and Juice are at Diosa.
Next we are at Diosa, and Clay is meeting Nero for the first time.  Carla tells Nero who Clay is (Gemma's old man), and Clay figures out who Nero is.  Juice tries valiantly to get Clay to leave to no avail.  Clay wants to hook up with Emma Jean, and Carla hooks up with Juice.
Back at solitary the guard comes in, hits Jax knee because there's still no decision.  Jax and Opie then meet with Chibs and Tig and Jax tells them the whole truth about Pope's demands.  Jax's nice attempt to take back control of the situation is when he tells them "He (meaning Pope) doesn't get to make these decisions".  Oh, but Jax is so wrong...  The guard enters again, and says either Jax chooses who fights or he will.  Opie then becomes our hero, or martyr depending on how you look at the situation, and headbutts the guard saying "I got this".
And now here is the part where hearts break everywhere. 
Opie is taking in to the "fight" room and Jax, Chibs, and Tig are forced to watch on the other side of the window, powerless to do anything about the situation.  There is a lot of banging on the window, but to no avail.  Opie is told to "keep it interesting" and is given a pipe (hence the title of the show, Laying Pipe).  The 9ers enter (I'm assuming they're 9ers but they might not be - I've been saying this the whole time in my recap, mostly to avoid any racial faux pas, but they might just be associated with Pope or associated with the 9ers but not actual 9ers).
The fight begins and I'm was hoping, as I'm sure you were that Opie just might make it.  It looked at first like he might be able to take them down all by himself, but alas, he is taken down.  He drops to his knees, and is facing the window where Jax, Chibs, and Tig are.  He stares right at Jax (although can he actually see him?) and with a small smile is given what's been called the "death blow", a shot to the back of his head with the pipe.  During this part it is eerily silent, and as bits of skull and blood fly everywhere, we know we have lost one of our best men.  The other 9ers then pile on, and that is the sad and unfortunate end of Opie.
We then see Jax being walked back to either solitary or general population by the guard.  He talks to the guard as they're walking, calm, steady, obviously angry but his tone is that of someone who is control.  He tells the guard that the Sons are being released, and when he gets out "I'll find out who you are, where you live, and then I'm going to kill you".  Obviously there is to be retribution for the death of Opie, and this gives us yet another plot line.
Then we have Jax meeting with Pope.  He voices his demands now that Opie has passed.  Jax wants Tig on the outside and is not taking no for an answer.  He tells Pope that he will be using Tig until he is done with him and then Pope can have him "because I just don't give a shit".  Which adds another plot twist to our ever evolving story - what will Tig be used for and will Jax really turn him over to Pope to meet his ultimate end?  I think during this part Pope begins developing a bit of respect for Jax, and says to Jax "Finding the hidden advantage in a circumstance.  Using pain to take you to the next level.  Those are the things that turn players in to kings".  Jax then requests to call Tara, and Pope allows him to do so from the Commanders phone.
This is the beginning of our end to this episode.
We see the raid at Diosa, where someone is shot. Gemma is awakened by the shot (this is happening at the same time Opie is killed), and then the police bust in and her and Nero are arrested.  Apparently someone (the speculation is between Clay and Emma Jean, with most parties leaning towards Clay) has ratted out Nero's little business.
We then see Tara at home (with Bobby and Happy, Happy entertaining the kids) answering the call from Jax.
Finally, we see Jax, Chibs, and Tig back in general population.  Jax first talks to Chibs (interesting that all the other inmates clear the path for Jax, hearing of the news of Opie's death, they give him the utmost respect and room to do what he has to).  He tells Chibs about the release and tells him to start researching the guard, which Chibs is more than happy to do.  He then asks Chibs to send Tig over.  As Jax talks to Tig, Tig tries to apologize (which Jax has no patience for him).  Basically he tells Tig never to go against him again, that Tig is only to vote in favor of whatever Jax wants and support all of Jax's decisions.  Tig says "You've got my word, brother", and he is obviously repentant, although it is just too late for that now.
I've said it before, this is not a happy-go-lucky show.  We've already experienced loss and tragedy, and my feeling is that everyone at the end will be dead, except Clay.  Clearly this is speculation and I don't know what will actually happen, but Opie's death won't be the last tragic one that we have.  This story is about the destruction of a family, both in the club sense and the blood-related sense.
If you have any feedback I more than welcome it either on the voicemail line, in email, or on Facebook and Twitter.
Until next time, take care.

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