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Thursday, October 18, 2012

GOM 072 SOA S5E5 Orca Shrugged

Hey everyone! Welcome to episode 72 of Girl Of Mayhem. Today we are going to be talking about episode 5 from season 5 of Sons Of Anarchy, titled Orca Shrugged.
Let me give you guys a couple of disclaimers before we get started. First, I am in no way affiliated with the cast or crew of Sons of Anarchy, I am merely a fan doing a fan podcast. Second, I am not part of an MC, nor have I ever been so any info I get about that lifestyle is secondhand through another source such as the internet.
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I did not have any voicemails or emails this week so there is nothing to report in that area.
Today we are going to review the 5th episode from season 5 of SOA.  This episode, while still having a few dark moments, was suprisingly lighthearted and some much needed comic relief considering how dark and tragic the first few episodes have been.
The FX description of the episode reads "Jax attempts to pull SAMCRO into a new business venture".
Music from this episode includes Shooter Jennings with Wild & Lonesome, CC Coletti with Heaven Is In Your Mind, The Sheepdogs with Slim Pickens, Bob Neuwirth with Good Intentions, Sweetwater & The Satisfaction with You Do You, Audra Mae & The Forest Rangers with The Unclouded Day, and Jimmie Wood's Parish with The Promised Land.
When we open we have Jax on his bike and he is narrating the beginning.  He talks about how he can't take on everything being thrown at him, and how hard it is not to hate everyone.  He has a good quote when he says "When they break your spirit and take pleasure in watching you bleed; hate is the only feeling that makes sense".  He mentions that he's going to try not to let the hate take over him and his character. 
During this narration we have a montage where we see Gemma sleeping with women, Clay a la Piney (drinking while loading his gun), and Tara alone.
When the bulk of our episode we see Jax, Chibs, and Bobby meeting with Jacob Hale (alas he returns, who is happy to see him because I sure wasn't although I knew he had to pop up again sometime).  Hale asks about their involvement in the home invasions, to which they assure him they have nothing to do with it.  Jax asks Hale about leasing the Elks Lodge (apparently he's the one who owns the property) for the escort service and Hale immediately shoots him down.  Jax is undeterred and says that if he'll grant them the lease he can get Hale the last vote he needs to secure Charming Heights because Jax knows Hale is one vote short of it passing.
Back at Church, Jax talks about meeting with the IRA and how the deal is going down.  During this meeting Gogo and Frankie Diamonds bring up the home invasions (everyone is certainly curious about them) and Jax says it's not a concern and he'll deal with Pope when he gets back in to town. Clearly these patched over nomads are so curious because they want any suspicion off of them (although I don't think it was ever on them) and I think frankly that them asking makes them look more suspicious.
The guys then vote about the decision to go in to business with Nero after Jax tells them it is a more legit way to make money, and although it won't be as much money as guns/drugs it will take heat off of them.  The vote passes unanimously.
When Jax and Clay are alone, Jax tells Clay that Nero and Gemma are over because Jax can't have personal endeavors clouding SOA business.  I'm not really sure why Jax feels he has to placate Clay with this information but he does nevertheless.
We then see Tara at her doctor's office and he says her healing is going well, better than expected, and that she may be able to perform surgery again. 
The Sons are then at the meeting with the IRA.  Galen notices right away that Clay is no longer President and that Jax has filled those shoes.  Galen is full of animosity towards Jax because he blames Jax for Ashby's death.  In a move that I really didn't expect, Jax and Galen brawl, as in an all out fist fight.  While they are fighting (great timing gentlemen) Romeo and Luis show up.  Clay assures them that things will be fine between SOA and the IRA once the fight is over.
Once they finally stop fighting and the group is all assembled in the barn, the deal goes down.  Romeo produces money and says he expects his weapons every 2 weeks.  Galen wants to test the guns before the deal is final.  In his test he manages to take out all the SOA bikes.  You'd think the guys would be livid, but Jax almost seems amused and tells Galen the club will bill him for the damage.
Our next scene is with Chuckie (gotta love him!) at an insurance office.  He's got" cupcakes, and despite Biancone's objections that he can't eat it because of his diabetes, Chucky leaves it behind.  Moments later the guys from SOA show up, find Biancone passed out (obviously drugged from the dessert) and they begin to take his clothes off.  Well this is clearly going somewhere interesting!
We then see Gemma over at Diosa.  She has come to see Nero, obviously perplexed by his sudden lack of interest in her.  He explains that he is going in to business with Jax and SOA, and he cannot see her anymore at the request of Jax.  She tries to convince him that he doesn't need to stay away from her, but he says his first priority is his son.
Back at Biancone Insurance, Biancone is now dressed in full bondage gear (although still passed out).  There is a knock on the door and we meet the fabulous Venus Van Damme, played by none other than The Shield alumni and current actor on Justified, Walton Goggins!  Goggins played Shane on the Shield and is Timothy Olymphant's rival on Justified.  Venus Van Damme is some kind of transsexual prostitute, and it appears we are in for some kind of sexual exploit.  Tig cannot keep his eyes off of her, and while to some this may seem weird, but given Tig's necrpphiliac tendencies, this didn't come as a surprise to those of us who have watched since the beginning.
Apparently the plan is to photograph Venus and Biancone together and use the photos for blackmail as they need Biancone's vote to pass Charming Heights.  The shoot seems to be going as planned until Biancone's stepson Devin enters.  Venus steps up to the plate and offers her "oral services" to the boy, and after assurance from the Sons that this is completely normal and they've all done such things, Devin goes in the back with Venus.
At the sheriff's office, Clay and Gemma are looking through photos of stolen items to see if any of the items belong to them (none do).  Roosevelt and Rita are having lunch in Roosevelt's office, and we discover Rita is pregnant and they are thrilled.  If you remember, last season we saw shots of them at the hospital fertility clinic, and wondered where that storyline would go.A fight breaks out in the cell with the 9ers who have been suspected of the home invasions (apparently they have apartments full of stolen goods).  One of the 9ers clobbers the deputy sheriff.  Clay and Gemma fail to recognize any items as theirs. Then Rita leaves (and her and Gemma share a brief nod).
Back at the insurance company, Jax blackmails Devin with the photos of him and Venus.  Venus kisses Jax on her way out (much to Tig's jealousy) and then Biancone (who by the way, if you haven't figured out is the "Orca" in the title) suddenly comes to, biting Tig's ass.
Over at the clubhouse, Tara is there to patch up Tig's bottom, and Chibs and Bobby help her.  This is where we discover that maybe Tara's hand isn't as stable as the doctor says, as Chibs has to step in and help her finish sticking Tig up. 
While this "surgery" is going on, Gemma shows up to confront Jax about Nero.  He does not change his stance on the issue, saying that she's been a disaster lately (which she has) and that yes, he has been treating her differently since learning about her role in JT's demise. He agrees to not lock her out so much, and has her go help Tara with Tig as a peace offering (some peace offering!).
At the beginning of the end of this episode, Jax then goes to talk to Hale again.  Hale dismisses Jax at first, but after Jax being adamant that he's not with Oswald, and is not at all the man that Clay is, Hale relents.
We then have a scene with Gemma and Tara where Gemma consoles Tara because she's having a hard time with how difficult it is being the club matriarch.
Over at the Roosevelt household, Rita is alone.  She hears a noise, and grabs a gun and calls 911.  The home invaders break in, and alas, Rita is shot in the stomach.  The invaders flee.
At Tara and Jax's house Gemma is dropping off a box.  Tara asks if Gemma wants to feed Thomas, to which Gemma agrees. 
We then see Sheriff Roosevelt rushing Rita into surgery at the hospital, and when he gets to the door he can't cross he shouts for the nurse/doctor to get the skin from under her fingernails.
Jax arrives home and Hale is waiting for him.  Hale says to go ahead with the blackmail photos, and has the lease to the Elk's Lodge for Jax.  When Jax goes in his home, he finds Tara and Gemma asleep in seperate places.  He opens the box that Gemma brought over and in it we see a thumb and a "tit". What a way to end an episode!
So that's it for this episode!  Tomorrow the new episode, Small World, comes out, and I should have a recap done for it by the end of this week.  Also, I'll be calling in to WOA this week, so stay tuned for that!
Until next time, take care everyone!

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