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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

GOM 074 SOA S5E7 Toad's Wild Ride

Hey everyone! Welcome to episode 7 of Girl Of Mayhem. Today we are going to be talking about episode 7 from season 5 of Sons Of Anarchy, titled Toad's Wild Ride.
Let me give you guys a couple of disclaimers before we get started. First, I am in no way affiliated with the cast or crew of Sons of Anarchy, I am merely a fan doing a fan podcast. Second, I am not part of an MC, nor have I ever been so any info I get about that lifestyle is secondhand through another source such as the internet.
Now let me give you guys some ways you can contact me with your feedback. As always, you can email me at girlofmayhem@gmail.com, call me at 559-762-2278 and leave a voicemail, or comment on the website http://girlofmayhem.com. You can also find us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/girlofmayhempodcast and tweet me at @girlofmayhem on Twitter.
Don't forget, I still want all of your feedback!
I did not have any voicemails or emails this week so there is nothing to report in that area.
Today we are going to talk about the episode from this week.  We are halfway through our season now.
The FX description for this episode is "Jax takes matters into his own hands as things go sideways".
Music in this episode includes Soundgarden with Been Away Too Long, Justin Warfield with Headlights, Gregg Sutton with Room Where Nobody Goes, Sweetwater and The More Satisfaction with Love More Than Anything, Garrett Morgan with Standing On A Bridge, The Dalles with Lines, Quaker City Night Hawks with Ain't No Kid, and Iggy Pop with The Passenger.
When we open this episode we see Jax and Bobby on their bikes at night.  We then see Clay talking to the three Nomads (and I have to note I think it's interesting that we are still referring to them as Nomads even though they have technically been patched in to SAMCRO).  He's upset because Roosevelt has a DNA sample (from the skin under Rita's fingernails) and Gogo has obvious scratches, plus Gogo is already in the system so they can make the match.  Clay tells them that Unser is investigating and they have a real problem.  We also find out that it was Clay behind everything, because he wanted to put pressure on Jax as President.
Then we have Gemma in a hotel room, she wakes up next to her one night stand (Warren).  She goes in to the bathroom wrapped in a blanket and sits down, shaking violently.
We then have Tara looking at some papers concerning Otto, with Abel lying next to her.
We see Unser sitting outside his trailer smoking.  We hear the bikes, and Unser goes to the gate (of Unser Trucking) and lets Jax and Bobby in.  They are there to talk to him about the home invasions.  They want to know what he's dug up, and he shows them the board with possible suspects, etc.  Unser states "It's good to have a hobby" when Jax notes that he's done a lot of work.  Unser tells them that hardly anything was taken in the break-ins, and he thinks it was more of a message.  Unser doesn't think it was black retaliation.  We also find out during this part that Unser sold his land to the county to pay for his cancer treatments, and now lives on the Unser Trucking land and does security detail at night in exchange.  Jax tells Unser the break-ins weren't a club call, and Unser notes the scratches on Gogo and Jax suggests he pays the Nomads a visit to "introduce" himself.  As Jax and Bobby are leaving they talk about why Clay might possibly be behind the home invasions.
The last thing we see in our opening is Gemma coming out of the bathroom.  Her purse is on the bed and has been ransacked, with her wallet missing.  We then see Warren driving away in her Escalade.
When we start the main part of the episode Jax is arriving at Teller-Morrow.  He sees Frankie trailing his motorcycle.  Jax questions where Frankie is going, Frankie assures Jax his dues are paid up and he's given his proxy to Juice, and Jax tells him to keep in touch.  Frankie says he doesn't know where Greg and Gogo are after Jax asks.  As Jax walks away, Frankie pushes up his sunglasses with his middle fingers, essentially flicking Jax off.  ***I don't know why Frankie has the right to be a d-bag, he is barely voted in to SAMCRO, and although he's working for Clay, he doesn't know the back story on Jax, and Jax, as Frankie's president, has every right to give him orders or suggest he keep close contact.
The next thing we see is Unser at the house where all the Nomads are staying.  Greg is outside preparing his bike to leave, and Unser says he's a friend of the club and there to introduce himself (per Jax's suggestion but of course Unser doesn't tell the Nomads that).  Greg is unbelievable rude to him.  Then Gogo comes out of the house.  He is also obviously packing up to leave, and he is also very rude to Unser.  Unser questions the scratches, and it is played off like Gogo's girlfriend "likes it rough".  They ask what's with all Unser's questions, and he just replies that sometimes he forgets he's retired.  Gogo suggests he starts remembering.
Over at the Elk's Lodge that they are converting in to the new escort service, Lila and Nero along with some of the other girls are setting up.  Jax comes in to check it out, we see that Chibs, Tig, and Bobby are there getting the tour from Lila (they think it's AWESOME).  Jax talks to Nero, and it becomes apparent that Jax doesn't know about the Carla situation (and Nero doesn't fill him in).  Then Nero mentions that "I just got a call from the other crazy chick in our lives".
Next thing you know, the guys and Nero are pulling up at the motel where Gemma has been robbed and carjacked.  She's obviously upset that Nero told Jax/SOA.  Nero has his guys start investigating nearby chopshops, and some of the SOA guys go to talk to the hotel manager.  Nero asks Gemma what happened.  Jax is more than pissed, asking "who ARE you".  After Gemma goes back in to the motel room, Nero tells Jax to take it a little bit easier on her, saying "She's still your mother, esse, respect that".  The guys come back and report that the room was paid for in cash (therefore no name linked to it).  Then we find out that they found the Escalade at a chopshop, and the guy who stole it is there.  The guys take off to go get it/him and Bobby volunteers to take Gemma home.
Over at the chopshop we find out that they have Gemma's car, and they point the guys in the direction of Warren (but ask that they take care of him off property).  We find out that Warren is part of a crew that takes advantage of women.  They spot Warren and a chase ensues (set to music, Soundgarden - Been Away Too Long).  Warren takes off in a Beamer in the middle of being "chopped" and the guys follow on their bikes, with Nero in his truck.  Warren eventually stops and starts shooting at them.  Jax finally catches him, but they stop the confrontation so the news/cops don't come.  They take 3K that he had in his pocket, Warren saying "which is fair".  They say they're not done with him, and as he starts walking down the highway he says "guess I'm walking". (An attempt at humor in the situation I'm assuming.)
We then see Greg at Teller-Morrow, talking to Clay.  Greg says that the Nomads know that Unser and Jax know about the break-ins, and that Gogo and Frankie are freaking out.  Apparently they're talking about killing Unser and Greg doesn't know what to do.  Clay tells him Unser needs to be dealt with (or gotten rid of), and says to get the guys together and meet him at Unser Trucking in two hours.
We see Bobby and Tara looking at pictures of Otto.  Bobby suggests Tara brings him stuff that would remind him of Luann, and says she should talk to Gemma because Gemma was Luann's best friend.  Tara then goes over to the office to talk to Gemma.  Gemma tells her that her SUV was stolen.  Then Tara asks about Luann, and Gemma says to get a perfume that Otto made Luann wear because he loved it and wouldn't let her wear another kind.
The guys then come back with Gemma's Escalade.  Gemma thanks Nero, and he says he has to get back to work because they open in two days.  We see Jax and Tara talk about going to the cabin, they'll meet back at the clubhouse later.
Jax and Gemma have a (much needed) talk.  Gemma apologizes to Jax, and he tells her that her and Tara will work it out.  He asks what's going on with her (because she's been so out of control).  She apologizes to Jax for forcing him to make up for the love she couldn't get from Thomas (because he passed away).  She says "sorry that I've always been too much".  In a weird moment, Jax says he was kind of glad he had Gemma all to himself (this reminds me greatly of the famed Oedipus Complex - and reinforces some of the Hamlet background).  Jax says they will get through everything and be fine.
We then have Clay and Juice together.  Juice is dropping Clay off at Unser's.  When Clay gets in to Unser's trailer, Unser holds on to his shotgun.  Clay says "I guessed I earned that level of trust" to which Unser replies "You did.  Sorry" and Clay says "Me too".  Clay then puts his own gun on the table.  Clay starts talking about how Oswald will get elected and then Charming PD might be reinstated and it would be great to have Unser in charge again.  Unser says "That's a noble plan.  But I suspect I'll be dead in a year" .  We see Juice being the lookout, and Greg and Gogo arriving.  As Clay tells Unser he was right, Juice calls (saying Greg and Gogo are there), and Clay tells him to head back to Teller-Morrow.  It's obvious that Juice is rattled and wants to know what's going on.  As Greg and Gogo bust in, Unser shoots one and Clay shoots the other.  Unser knows that Clay was the mastermind behind the home invasions but Clay denies it.  Unser says this "could land hard on the club", and as Clay tells him there's still a Nomad out there and that Unser should watch his back Unser says "yeah, I'm watching" as Clay walks out.
Back at the table, Jax is sitting with Bobby.  Bobby tells him about Gogo's scratches.  Then Gemma busts in and tells them that there's a situation at Unser's, that he has killed Greg and Gogo when they broke in.  She says she's going over there.  Chibs, Happy, Fil, and Tig are then in the room with Jax and Bobby.  Chibs questions the Nomads going after Unser, and it's determined they need to track down Frankie.
Over at Unser's Gemma arrives and suggests they go have a smoke (pot, not cigarettes). We see that Frankie is watching the crime scene, and then splits.  Gemma and Unser talk about their confrontation a couple of days ago and Gemma says "too many people feeling shit".  They resolve their issue and are fine again.
Tara arrives at Teller-Morrow and Bobby says they should still go to the cabin.  Alyda the babysitter bailed, and Tara needs a new babysitter.  Jax says that she should call Gemma to watch the kids and Tara reluctantly agrees.  Tara says she'll head up to the cabin first while Jax finishes up some business, and Jax appoints Tig to go with her.  Jax says to Tig "eyes open".  The rest of the guys are to come up the next day (how is this the two of them 'getting away'?!?) and Chibs is going with Jax to take care of something.
We see a flash of Gemma smoking pot, and receives the call from Tara about watching the kids.  Gemma says that of course she'll do it (and I noted it was getting dark).
We then see Warren with his new victim.  Nero is there, tells then forces the woman to leave.  He then beats up Warren saying "now we're even".  My question is, is Warren dead?  Because he doesn't look so alive...
The next scene we have is Juice with Clay.  Juice questions Clay about the nomads and Clay apologizes to Juice, "Sorry for dragging you into this".  Jax and Chibs then arrive.  Chibs and Juice go outside while Jax and Clay talk.  Jax notices Clay's lack of oxygen.  Clay says to Jax "I know you think I'm the devil."  Clay then tries to put the blame for everything on Pope, and Jax wants to find Frankie. 
Now we come to the end of the episode. (The Iggy Pop song is playing during this part.)
First we see Jax on his bike.  Then we see Gemma putting the kids in the car (Abel has his frog).  Next is Clay with the marriage license.  Tara is at the cabin, and Tig is there sitting outside with a gun.  Jax and Chibs are on their bikes and they get shot at and are run off the road.  Jax is wounded, they kill some of the attackers but the other drives off and it is revealed to us that they're black.  We then flash to Gemma in the car with the kids (she turns the radio up,she's swerving, drunk/high/and, or tired).  She drifts over, almost hits a truck, goes down an embankment and crashes.  Thomas is crying, Gemma is knocked out on the steering wheel, we're not sure if Abel is alive or not, we see blood dripping on the stuffed frog.
And that is where we leave off for this week.

Friday, October 19, 2012

GOM 073 SOA S5E6 Small World

Hey everyone! Welcome to episode 73 of Girl Of Mayhem. Today we are going to be talking about episode 6 from season 5 of Sons Of Anarchy, titled Small World.
Let me give you guys a couple of disclaimers before we get started. First, I am in no way affiliated with the cast or crew of Sons of Anarchy, I am merely a fan doing a fan podcast. Second, I am not part of an MC, nor have I ever been so any info I get about that lifestyle is secondhand through another source such as the internet.
Now let me give you guys some ways you can contact me with your feedback. As always, you can email me at girlofmayhem@gmail.com, call me at 559-762-2278 and leave a voicemail, or comment on the website http://girlofmayhem.com. You can also find us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/girlofmayhempodcast and tweet me at @girlofmayhem on Twitter.
Don't forget, I still want all of your feedback!
I did not have any voicemails or emails this week so there is nothing to report in that area.
I did leave a voicemail at Watchers Of Anarchy, so if you tune in on Saturday to their live broadcast, or get it from iTunes next week you will get to hear my lovely voice :-)
The FX description for this episode is "Jax brings a new proposal to the club with serious consequences".
Music from this episode included Paul Rodgers with With Our Love, Johnny Berry with The End, Gene Casey with Manana Manana, The Howls with Weight, Lucero with Go Easy, and Quaker City Nighthawks with Cold Blues.
Now let's get to what happened this week!
When we open we see Gemma and Tara discussing where Jax is.  They notice in the newspaper the article about Sheriff Roosevelt's house being broken in to, and learn that Rita is in critical condition in the hospital.  **I knew the look between Rita and Gemma last episode was significant, to me, it was the foreshadowing for this episode.
Next we have Jax meeting with Pope.  Jax is questioning Pope about the home invasions (I really wish there was a better term for them, I'm sick of writing that phrase out).  Then Jax asks for help finding out who might behind them.  Jax then tries to pay Pope his cut (50k), instead Pope gives it back and presents a new deal to Jax.  If they double their normal drug run, Pope will ship half of it to Vegas.  In turn, Jax will not have to pay Pope anything, in fact SOA will get 100k and Jax himself will get 2% (of which he is to tell no one about, this is a 'gentlemen's deal').  Jax says he will discuss it with SOA and then the other gangs.
At the hospital, Unser has paid Roosevelt a visit.  Roosevelt believes the 9ers are behind this break-in, and the others, and blames SOA for 9er retaliation hitting Charming.  Unser disagrees with him, feels it is not "black" in nature, and they agree that someone in SOA is somehow behind this.  Then we get bad news when the doctor enters and announces that Rita has passed away from her injuries (this also means their unborn baby would have passed as well).
We then have Clay visiting his doctor at the hospital.  The doctor says that Clay's lung is doing well, that his progress is great, and Clay is to continue rehab and come back again in 2 months.
However, Clay runs in to Unser when leaving (fakes like he's still not doing well), and finds out Rita has passed.  Unser tells Clay about the DNA test Roosevelt is having done on the skin under Rita's fingernails.  Unser also mentions that he has suspicions that it's someone local who's "stirring the pot".
We go over to Gemma who is at home, and looking like she just got out of the shower.  She goes in to the kitchen and Carla is sitting there.  Carla pulls out a gun and forces Gemma into the bedroom, and makes a phone call (to Nero). 
*At this point we see Unser going by Gemma's to check on her, and sees Nero pulling up and going in to the house.
When Nero comes in he sees Carla with the gun.  Carla forces both Nero and Gemma in to the bed.  At first she tells Gemma to perform oral on Nero, and when Gemma attempts to do it she finds she can't and has a breakdown.  Nero gets up and says that he can't do it and tells Carla to shoot him.  She says she wanted to go out watching Nero "do your thing" and then Carla shoots herself in the head.  This was a huge surprise moment for me because I did not see this coming at all.  Nero then informs Gemma that Carla was his half-sister but madly in love with him.  Gemma tells Nero she'll take care of them mess.  He leaves the room, she tries to call Unser, who doesn't answer (as he is busy investigating the home invasions and is apparently upset at Gemma for having Nero at her house).
Back at Church, Jax tells the club about Pope's offer.  Bobby shows them the money that Pope didn't take (I guess to reaffirm the offer was real).  A vote is called, the patched over Nomads (Greg, Gogo, Frankie), Juice, and Clay dissent.  The vote is tied 5-5 when it comes to Tig's turn, and I noticed that Tig and Jax exchange a look before Tig votes.  Tig votes in favor, and I'm assuming that he does this to show he's supporting Jax.  I'm not sure how Tig would have voted if it wasn't for his word to Jax, but I wish they would have told us that part of it.  I also liked this because it shows Tig keeping his word.  The final vote is 6-5 in favor of the new deal.  (While I've mentioned who dissented, Happy, Fil, Chibs, Bobby, Jax, and Tig voted yes).
Bobby then talks to Jax, and he asks about Tara (in other words, has she met with Otto yet, you can imagine he'd like to hear that Otto is retracting his statement because that then clears Bobby and gives RICO the boot).
We see a brief scene at the prison where Tara is being informed of the inmate patient procedures.
Then we have the meeting with Marcus Alvarez (Mayans), Henry Lin (Chinese), and Tyler (new head of the 9ers), and Jax.  Jax lays out the new deal with them and gets their input.  They all agree to go ahead with it.
It was really good to see Alvarez again, when I met him in person in Feb of 2011 he was such an awesome guy and I look forward to every episode he's in now.  It was also good to see Lin, because we haven't seen the Chinese in awhile now.
August (Pope's right-hand man) then shows up.  He tells Jax that they haven't found anything out about the home invasions, but has a gift of good faith.  Next thing we see is Jax, Chibs, Tig, and Bobby going with August to Macky's house.  My thing is, why did August drive them there?  Why didn't he just give them the address and let them do what they had to do?  A little weird in my opinion.  Nevertheless, Macky (played by Jack Conley for those interested) is the guard who put on the fight between Opie and his ultimate killers.
The guys get out and go take care of business.  Macky sees them and tries to make a run for it but they catch him and put him in the house.  While they're in the kitchen Macky's wife comes in (Snookie is her first name, if you can believe that!) with a shotgun.  While distracted Macky tries to make a run for it but Jax corners him and both Macky and his wife are bound.  While sitting there, Bobby looks at Snookie and they all know she must be dealt with.  Tig deals the gunshot to her head while Macky watches, and Jax in approval says "collateral damage", which interestingly enough is what Pope said to him.  Then Jax tells the guys to get him a pipe (clearly in reference to the way Opie died, I'm assuming Jax wants to take Macky out the same way Macky had Opie taken out).
Back at the prison, Otto (who in fact does not need medical care) is brought to Tara.  Tara introduces herself as Jax's wife, and tells him that Bobby was being truthful about what he told Otto, that RICO has been stalled, and that Otto needs to retract his statement.  Otto is not amused and asks her not to visit him again and leaves.
At Gemma's house we see Clay looking at Carla's body.  Gemma says she didn't know who else to call (since of course Unser didn't answer).  Clay says he'll help her.  During this scene Clay asks if he can come by later, and strangely enough Gemma tells him he can.
Back at Macky's house Jax wants Macky to apologize, and Macky says that he only set up the fight because he was ordered to, and will help the guys with anyone they have on the inside.  I knew that CLEARLY they were not going to go for that because a) Jax needs his revenge and is no longer shy about dishing it out and b) because they just killed Macky's wife and they can't assume that Macky wouldn't retaliate.  Jax then says "I'm still not feeling it" and Tig has a snow globe and a hammer for Jax to use (not finding a pipe I guess he brought the next best thing).  Jax picks up the snow globe, winds it up to play the song and Tig says "Small world" (an obvious reference to the episode's title) and then Jax proceeds to beat Macky to death with the snow globe.  He does not stop until Tig pulls him off of Macky when the song ends.
The guys talk about what they're going to do with the bodies and they decide to call Happy and Fil in to bury Macky and his wife in the woods... Which does not seem like a foolproof plan to me.  Chibs asks Tig how he's doing and Tig says he now feels better and Chibs gives him a kiss on the cheek.
Over at the hospital, Gemma is with the kids and Tara shows up to spend time with them.  Gemma departs, and bumps in to Unser.  He is not at all happy with her, he's still in love with her but is upset because she just uses everyone, including him.
Jax meets with Pope again, and he continues to question the home invasions.  Pope says that someone from the inside may be trying to compromise Jax.  Pope speaks about his power and what he does to keep himself alive by saying "Fear protects me, greed insures it".  Jax tells Pope the deal passed his club and all the other gangs gave it the go-ahead as well.
While Jax, Chibs, Tig, and Bobby are on their way back to Charming, Roosevelt rides up along beside them and tries to get them to pull over.  Chibs flips him off and Roosevelt is angry and runs Bobby off the road.  After they all pull over Jax says to Roosevelt "that was some outlaw shit".  Chibs is in Roosevelt's face and Jax breaks it up.  Roosevelt is beyond angry and grief stricken and says "I'm gonna crush your club".  Jax tells Roosevelt he's sorry about Rita and tries to tell Roosevelt that the home invasions are not black retaliation, and therefore not caused by the club.  It's evident Roosevelt does not believe him.
At Gemma's house, Gemma is not home but Clay is there (because Gemma told him he could come by later).  Nero shows up, and Clay tells Nero he cleaned up (Carla's suicide).  Clay asks Nero about Nero's relationship with Gemma, and Nero basically says he doesn't know what's happening or where it's going. 
We then see Gemma at a bar drinking alone, a beer and a shot by her side.  A man walks up (Warren - played by Joel McHale, who at first I thought was a bizarre choice to be on SOA but I really liked his acting in that brief scene and am excited to see more) and asks to buy her a drink.
At Jax's house, Jax and Tara are both home and talking about their day.  He asks her about the meeting with Otto and she lies and says she hasn't been able to see him yet.  He lies to her as well and says his day was "quiet".
On a side note, I don't like what this lying to each other denotes.  It reminds me too much of Clay and Gemma who would lie to each other, working to take care of themselves first.
Jax says he wants to get away, and says the two of them should go up to the cabin to relax, alone.
Our final scene is Juice dropping Clay off at home.  Once Juice pulls away, Clay takes his oxygen off (reconfirming that he is putting on an act and doesn't need it).  When he walks in to the house, the newly patched in Nomads are there and he punches one of them and states "Idiots! You weren't supposed to kill her".  And now we know that Clay and the Nomads are indeed the ones responsible for the break-ins.  The question remains, why?
An action and plot-filled episode indeed.  We had some plot lines resolved (namely the guard) and now know who is responsible for the home invasions, although we still don't know why.  We had some characters die, Carla and Rita, and we were introduced to a new one (Warren).  We saw some old familiar faces we haven't seen in a bit (Lin and Alvarez).  It should be interesting to see what happens as we enter the second half of the season!
That's it for this week, I'm happy to say we're all caught up! I have already submitted my voice call to WOA, so check them out live on Saturday (10/20/12) or get their podcast on iTunes.
Until next time, take care everybody!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

GOM 072 SOA S5E5 Orca Shrugged

Hey everyone! Welcome to episode 72 of Girl Of Mayhem. Today we are going to be talking about episode 5 from season 5 of Sons Of Anarchy, titled Orca Shrugged.
Let me give you guys a couple of disclaimers before we get started. First, I am in no way affiliated with the cast or crew of Sons of Anarchy, I am merely a fan doing a fan podcast. Second, I am not part of an MC, nor have I ever been so any info I get about that lifestyle is secondhand through another source such as the internet.
Now let me give you guys some ways you can contact me with your feedback. As always, you can email me at girlofmayhem@gmail.com, call me at 559-762-2278 and leave a voicemail, or comment on the website http://girlofmayhem.com. You can also find us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/girlofmayhempodcast and tweet me at @girlofmayhem on Twitter.
Don't forget, I still want all of your feedback!
I did not have any voicemails or emails this week so there is nothing to report in that area.
Today we are going to review the 5th episode from season 5 of SOA.  This episode, while still having a few dark moments, was suprisingly lighthearted and some much needed comic relief considering how dark and tragic the first few episodes have been.
The FX description of the episode reads "Jax attempts to pull SAMCRO into a new business venture".
Music from this episode includes Shooter Jennings with Wild & Lonesome, CC Coletti with Heaven Is In Your Mind, The Sheepdogs with Slim Pickens, Bob Neuwirth with Good Intentions, Sweetwater & The Satisfaction with You Do You, Audra Mae & The Forest Rangers with The Unclouded Day, and Jimmie Wood's Parish with The Promised Land.
When we open we have Jax on his bike and he is narrating the beginning.  He talks about how he can't take on everything being thrown at him, and how hard it is not to hate everyone.  He has a good quote when he says "When they break your spirit and take pleasure in watching you bleed; hate is the only feeling that makes sense".  He mentions that he's going to try not to let the hate take over him and his character. 
During this narration we have a montage where we see Gemma sleeping with women, Clay a la Piney (drinking while loading his gun), and Tara alone.
When the bulk of our episode we see Jax, Chibs, and Bobby meeting with Jacob Hale (alas he returns, who is happy to see him because I sure wasn't although I knew he had to pop up again sometime).  Hale asks about their involvement in the home invasions, to which they assure him they have nothing to do with it.  Jax asks Hale about leasing the Elks Lodge (apparently he's the one who owns the property) for the escort service and Hale immediately shoots him down.  Jax is undeterred and says that if he'll grant them the lease he can get Hale the last vote he needs to secure Charming Heights because Jax knows Hale is one vote short of it passing.
Back at Church, Jax talks about meeting with the IRA and how the deal is going down.  During this meeting Gogo and Frankie Diamonds bring up the home invasions (everyone is certainly curious about them) and Jax says it's not a concern and he'll deal with Pope when he gets back in to town. Clearly these patched over nomads are so curious because they want any suspicion off of them (although I don't think it was ever on them) and I think frankly that them asking makes them look more suspicious.
The guys then vote about the decision to go in to business with Nero after Jax tells them it is a more legit way to make money, and although it won't be as much money as guns/drugs it will take heat off of them.  The vote passes unanimously.
When Jax and Clay are alone, Jax tells Clay that Nero and Gemma are over because Jax can't have personal endeavors clouding SOA business.  I'm not really sure why Jax feels he has to placate Clay with this information but he does nevertheless.
We then see Tara at her doctor's office and he says her healing is going well, better than expected, and that she may be able to perform surgery again. 
The Sons are then at the meeting with the IRA.  Galen notices right away that Clay is no longer President and that Jax has filled those shoes.  Galen is full of animosity towards Jax because he blames Jax for Ashby's death.  In a move that I really didn't expect, Jax and Galen brawl, as in an all out fist fight.  While they are fighting (great timing gentlemen) Romeo and Luis show up.  Clay assures them that things will be fine between SOA and the IRA once the fight is over.
Once they finally stop fighting and the group is all assembled in the barn, the deal goes down.  Romeo produces money and says he expects his weapons every 2 weeks.  Galen wants to test the guns before the deal is final.  In his test he manages to take out all the SOA bikes.  You'd think the guys would be livid, but Jax almost seems amused and tells Galen the club will bill him for the damage.
Our next scene is with Chuckie (gotta love him!) at an insurance office.  He's got" cupcakes, and despite Biancone's objections that he can't eat it because of his diabetes, Chucky leaves it behind.  Moments later the guys from SOA show up, find Biancone passed out (obviously drugged from the dessert) and they begin to take his clothes off.  Well this is clearly going somewhere interesting!
We then see Gemma over at Diosa.  She has come to see Nero, obviously perplexed by his sudden lack of interest in her.  He explains that he is going in to business with Jax and SOA, and he cannot see her anymore at the request of Jax.  She tries to convince him that he doesn't need to stay away from her, but he says his first priority is his son.
Back at Biancone Insurance, Biancone is now dressed in full bondage gear (although still passed out).  There is a knock on the door and we meet the fabulous Venus Van Damme, played by none other than The Shield alumni and current actor on Justified, Walton Goggins!  Goggins played Shane on the Shield and is Timothy Olymphant's rival on Justified.  Venus Van Damme is some kind of transsexual prostitute, and it appears we are in for some kind of sexual exploit.  Tig cannot keep his eyes off of her, and while to some this may seem weird, but given Tig's necrpphiliac tendencies, this didn't come as a surprise to those of us who have watched since the beginning.
Apparently the plan is to photograph Venus and Biancone together and use the photos for blackmail as they need Biancone's vote to pass Charming Heights.  The shoot seems to be going as planned until Biancone's stepson Devin enters.  Venus steps up to the plate and offers her "oral services" to the boy, and after assurance from the Sons that this is completely normal and they've all done such things, Devin goes in the back with Venus.
At the sheriff's office, Clay and Gemma are looking through photos of stolen items to see if any of the items belong to them (none do).  Roosevelt and Rita are having lunch in Roosevelt's office, and we discover Rita is pregnant and they are thrilled.  If you remember, last season we saw shots of them at the hospital fertility clinic, and wondered where that storyline would go.A fight breaks out in the cell with the 9ers who have been suspected of the home invasions (apparently they have apartments full of stolen goods).  One of the 9ers clobbers the deputy sheriff.  Clay and Gemma fail to recognize any items as theirs. Then Rita leaves (and her and Gemma share a brief nod).
Back at the insurance company, Jax blackmails Devin with the photos of him and Venus.  Venus kisses Jax on her way out (much to Tig's jealousy) and then Biancone (who by the way, if you haven't figured out is the "Orca" in the title) suddenly comes to, biting Tig's ass.
Over at the clubhouse, Tara is there to patch up Tig's bottom, and Chibs and Bobby help her.  This is where we discover that maybe Tara's hand isn't as stable as the doctor says, as Chibs has to step in and help her finish sticking Tig up. 
While this "surgery" is going on, Gemma shows up to confront Jax about Nero.  He does not change his stance on the issue, saying that she's been a disaster lately (which she has) and that yes, he has been treating her differently since learning about her role in JT's demise. He agrees to not lock her out so much, and has her go help Tara with Tig as a peace offering (some peace offering!).
At the beginning of the end of this episode, Jax then goes to talk to Hale again.  Hale dismisses Jax at first, but after Jax being adamant that he's not with Oswald, and is not at all the man that Clay is, Hale relents.
We then have a scene with Gemma and Tara where Gemma consoles Tara because she's having a hard time with how difficult it is being the club matriarch.
Over at the Roosevelt household, Rita is alone.  She hears a noise, and grabs a gun and calls 911.  The home invaders break in, and alas, Rita is shot in the stomach.  The invaders flee.
At Tara and Jax's house Gemma is dropping off a box.  Tara asks if Gemma wants to feed Thomas, to which Gemma agrees. 
We then see Sheriff Roosevelt rushing Rita into surgery at the hospital, and when he gets to the door he can't cross he shouts for the nurse/doctor to get the skin from under her fingernails.
Jax arrives home and Hale is waiting for him.  Hale says to go ahead with the blackmail photos, and has the lease to the Elk's Lodge for Jax.  When Jax goes in his home, he finds Tara and Gemma asleep in seperate places.  He opens the box that Gemma brought over and in it we see a thumb and a "tit". What a way to end an episode!
So that's it for this episode!  Tomorrow the new episode, Small World, comes out, and I should have a recap done for it by the end of this week.  Also, I'll be calling in to WOA this week, so stay tuned for that!
Until next time, take care everyone!

Monday, October 15, 2012

GOM 071 SOA S5E4 Stolen Huffy

Hey everyone! Welcome to episode 71 of Girl Of Mayhem. Today we are going to be talking about episode 4 from season 5 of Sons Of Anarchy, titled Stolen Huffy.

Let me give you guys a couple of disclaimers before we get started. First, I am in no way affiliated with the cast or crew of Sons of Anarchy, I am merely a fan doing a fan podcast. Second, I am not part of an MC, nor have I ever been so any info I get about that lifestyle is secondhand through another source such as the internet.
Now let me give you guys some ways you can contact me with your feedback. As always, you can email me at girlofmayhem@gmail.com, call me at 559-762-2278 and leave a voicemail, or comment on the website http://girlofmayhem.com. You can also find us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/girlofmayhempodcast and tweet me at @girlofmayhem on Twitter.
Don't forget, I still want all of your feedback!
Our description for this is episode is as follows:
"Complications arise as the Sons band together to face a new adversary."
The music for this episode includes Greg Holden with Lost Boy (the song that's playing at the end of the episode - a much requested song!), The Coppertone with Black Water, Slowtrain with Bound To Find You Out, Wild Flag with Endless Talk, The Chimpz with Mr. 44, Keaton Simons with Grim Reaper, and The Ike Reilly Assassination with Hard To Make Love To An American.
Now let's get to our recap!
When we open, we see the guys on their bikes, led by Jax.  We see a moment between Jax and two younger boys who are sitting on their bicycles.  As soon as I saw this, I wondered if this was supposed to be a nod to him and Opie when they were kids.  Indeed when we find out later, this scene has some significance that us diehards will immediately recognize.
Then we have our illustrious Gemma waking up in a jail cell.  I am fairly positive this is not Gemma's first time in a jail cell, but she looks a little baffled as to where she is when she comes to.  Almost immediately she has a confrontation with Carla the ladies from Diosa.  Gemma finds out from Carla that someone called the cops on Diosa, and that's why they are all there.  Just before it looks like they are going to eat Gemma alive, a guard announces she is being bailed out.
And who is bailing Gemma out?  Not Jax or Tara.  Certainly not Clay.  Not even her ever present admirer Unser.  It's Wendy.  How's that for irony?  Wendy says the perfect thing, "You must really be out of friends if I'm your emergency contact number".  And isn't that the truth?  Who does Gemma really have left?  Jax is fed up with her after learning the truth, Tara is sick of Gemma pulling her stunts and trying to manipulate everyone to get her way, Unser has already taken a beaten, Clay is a woman-beater, and Nero is arrested too.  Not that many people left to turn to for Gemma at this juncture.
Gemma tells Wendy she'll pay her back, and then they talk about Tara and the kids.  Wendy says she'll fix the situation with them, but Gemma informs her that Jax is really the one she should watch out for "You are still the woman who tried to kill his first born son."
Gemma tries to catch a ride home with Nero who has just gotten released after sending Wendy on her way, but Nero informs her that they have to bail out the other woman first before he can leave.
Meanwhile we see Jax and the guys arrive at the clubhouse where Tara is waiting with the kids.  We find out that Gemma does not know that Opie's dead yet (although I find this bizarre as I am positive someone in the jail would have told her, it's not like she's an ordinary woman).  Jax asks Tara to check on Lyla, because clearly Lyla must be distraught.
Then we have a meeting at Church.  Jax is talking to the club about Opie.  All the guys look upset (as well they should) and Jax mentions how Opie hasn't been right since Donna was murdered (really?  you think?).  Jax says "He went out a warrior" which is more than true, he spent his life helping this club and got nothing but grief and heartache for it.  Jax then informs them of the deal he made with Pope and says they need to vote on it.  After some angry outbursts, such as Happy wanting retaliation and Greg the Peg stepping in to voice his opinion (um, lets stick to worrying about the home invasions Greg, you haven't even been a patched SAMCRO member for more than a week!), Jax shuts them down.  Bobby tries to explain how dangerous Pope is by saying "He could kill us just as easily with a phone call as with a bullet.  We're just white smoke...".  They vote and make the deal with Pope final.  They then move on to discuss Opie's service, and they talk about doing it correctly.
Outside of the clubhouse after the meeting, the guys step out and Unser shows up.  He tells them Gemma was arrested and about the raid on Diosa.  Jax and Chibs decide they'll go see Nero to help out, and Tig says the guys at the clubhouse will "take care of everything for Opie".  Unser is then informed of Opie's death, and needless to say, takes it pretty hard.  I thought this is the case for several reasons.  One, Unser genuinely liked Opie, and knew what a stand-up guy he was.  Two, Unser probably feels tremendous guilt for his part in knowing everything about the past, about Piney, etc and not doing more for Opie.  Bobby sees how shaken Unser is and is kind in telling him to come by later for the service (although truthfully I pretty much expect Unser to be at any SOA event that's not officers only).
Back at Diosa, Carla and Nero enter the building, trailed by Gemma.  Carla goes to investigate the mess that's been made, and Nero is visibly upset.  Gemma doesn't really seem to serve a purpose there, she just observes quietly.
We then have Wendy at the hospital.  She runs in to Tara, who is with Abel.  This may be the first time Wendy has seen Abel in years.  Wendy and Abel share a moment, and I see this as intense foreshadowing.  Now, if I may take a moment, I have some thoughts on the Wendy and Abel scenario that I would like to share.
First, if you had listened to the podcast since the beginning, you know I despise Wendy.  I think it's disgusting that any woman would use drugs like that while pregnant.  Also, I think it's absurd how intimidated Wendy was by Gemma, to the point that she abandoned her child.  And I don't entirely buy the fact that Wendy is clean and sober and will remain that way forever and ever.  I do think that people can change, and can turn their lives around.  I think it takes a lot of hard work, and they have to realize that certain people will never trust them again.
I don't know if I've softened up as far as Wendy goes, but I actually feel bad for her as far as the Abel thing goes.  Yes, she made tragic mistakes.  Yes, she abandoned her own child because drugs were more important.  Yes, I think Tara stepped up and became that child's mother.  But the truth of the matter is, Abel deserves a chance to know who his real mother is and deserves a chance to decide if he wants anything to do with her.  Clearly he is much too young at this point to really understand the circumstances, so bringing Wendy in would be confusing.  But Jax never knew the whole truth about his family and look what has happened in the wake of that, and in the wake of him finding out.  Abel cannot suffer the same fate.  So only time will tell what will happen with this particular storyline, but it's interesting to think about what the right thing to do in this situation should be.
In Tara's office, Wendy and Tara talk.  Tara is unsympathetic to Wendy, and Wendy understands but say it's not about them, it's about Abel.  "You can stop me from getting him, but you can't stop him from wanting to find me."
Like I said earlier, Jax not knowing his real family history led to problems later.  Will Abel suffer the same fate?
Over at Diosa, Jax and Chibs arrive to help Nero.  Jax is upset with all the trouble Gemma has caused and says "go home, Mom".  Nero doesn't try to stop her from leaving, and Gemma looks visibly hurt.  Two of Nero's crew members arrive and they want to kill Emma Jean, who they believe was the rat that caused the Diosa raid.  As soon as they leave Nero looks at Jax and says that if they really want to help they can "save the chick your mom almost killed".  He tells them where she is (at a seedy motel with "clients").
Back at the clubhouse Gemma storms in to the workout room where Clay is with Juice, etc (um, hello shirtless Juice!).  She wants to talk to Clay alone and suggests that anyone who is not Clay exit.
Gemma and Clay have a conversation and Gemma tells Clay "I need distance, Clay.  Stop checking up on me".  Clay says "I don't even know who you are anymore" (along with a string of other things).  Gemma replies "Why don't you bounce my face off the floor?  Maybe then you'll recognize me."  Clay talks about needing to get ready for Opie's "thing", and then realizes Gemma doesn't know what happened so Clay tells her.  Gemma takes it hard (as expected, first of all she considered Opie a son, and second of all she has to feel some guilt too).   She reaches out and her and Clay embrace, then she runs off and when alone says "What the hell's happening to us?".  A better question could not have been asked, the club, the family are completely falling apart.
Now we have a long scene that starts at the seedy motel room that Emma Jean has moved her clients to. Jax and Chibs locate the room (they know it's her room because of the hearts hanging from the door knob).  Jax gets her to answer the door and he has her "client" leave. (Chibs gives the "john" a humorous slap on the butt as he's leaving.)  Jax talks to Emma about the raid on Diosa, says everyone thinks she's the one who called vice to initiate the raid.  She swears it wasn't her, they gather her up to get out of town, and as they're getting ready to leave on their bikes Nero's crew members show up.  They're names are Lupe and Fiasco - really?!? For those of you who don't know Lupe Fiasco is a famous rapper, so I just found this too weird.
Anyway, Lupe and Fiasco say they're going to "take it from here" and Jax and Chibs hightail it out of there with Emma Jean.  A car/bike chase ensues, but eventually Jax wipes out at a house where a family is living.  Nero's crew catches up.  Jax and Chibs try to stop them from doing anything stupid, with Chibs saying "Look around.  I don't think we want to be doing this in front of an audience", as not only the family that lives in the house where Jax crashed is watching, but so is most of the neighborhood.  The guns get withdrawn, and the two parties work it out.  Lupe and Fiasco back down, but Fiasco says "I want her thumb.   And her tit".  Fairly disturbing if I may interject for a moment.  Jax apologizes to the family and they depart.
Back at the clubhouse, Nero and Carla show up.  Jax is more than irate that Nero's crew members showed up while they were grabbing Emma Jean.  At this point, Nero realizes Carla had sent them over to the hotel as well, and when he looks at her she says "I was protecting you".  Ratboy is told to watch Carla, and then Gemma shows up.  She wants to know why Emma Jean is there, and Jax continues his impatience with Gemma and tells her it's none of her business.  He has a great quote at this point, where he tells her "You know what, Mom, I kind of have a few things on my plate today, like burying my best friend, so your need to be loved, worshipped, and adored is a little low on my list today".  I do have to say, I actually felt bad for Gemma for a second, while I agree she has been on way too much of a power trip (for years!) and Jax is going to have a very difficult day (and thereafter) dealing with Opie's death, Gemma just looked so crestfallen and hurt that Jax would say that to her that I couldn't help but feel a little bad for her.
Emma Jean steps in at this point and tells Gemma (Gemma and Emma, sheesh) that nothing happened between her and Clay, all she did was rub his shoulders.  I'm not sure if this comes as a shock or not to Gemma, but I'm going to assume it does.  Emma also mentions she was not the one who called the cops.  Then Nero leaves with Emma Jean, to get her out of town, back to the "heartland".
We are then with Jax in his office.  He is looking at a picture of him and Opie when they were kids - on their bicycles, which brings me back to the foreshadowing from the opening scene where the two kids on their bicycles look admiringly at Jax on his motorcycle as he and the Sons ride by.  Tara comes in, looks through his photos, sees a bunch with Jax and Wendy.  Jax notices what she's looking at and says he will get rid of the pictures of him and Wendy, but Tara says not to, that he should keep them for Abel.  Tara then notes that she wants to tell Abel the truth, and Jax says not until he's older because "No other woman is going to call him 'son' but you".
Opie's body then arrives at the clubhouse (I cannot just bring myself to say "corpse").  Skeeter (who we haven't seen in awhile!) says "He looks good".  Considering Opie was beaten to death, I'm assuming this is a good thing...  6 of the guys carry his coffin, which is quite large, but then again, Opie was a big guy.  Lyla arrives, visibly upset, and Jax goes over to talk to her and try to comfort her.
They go to see Opie, it's an open casket.  Bobby has everyone else leave when they come in.  Lyla doesn't know how she's supposed to raise her kid plus Opie's kids (what the hell happened to Opie's mother by the way?  And why don't we ever see his kids anymore?  My guess is because it's too expensive to have any more child actors than Abel and Thomas)).  Jax reassures her and tells her the club is there for her, and that all the guys out in the clubhouse (bikers and their friends/families) "That's your family.  You need anything, just ask".
Gemma is in the office doing work (I still want to know exactly what she does, I'm sure it's the books or something but still).  Nero pulls up, she sees from the window and goes out to greet him, in sight of Bobby, Chibs, and Clay, who don't seem to happy.  Jax sees this too, and goes to pull Nero aside.  We find out that Emma Jean's on a plane back home.
While Jax and Nero are talking privately, Jax asks Nero about the exact kind of money he makes doing the escort service.  Nero reveals that he's looking to make an "end game" of 1.3 million because he wants to buy his uncles property which is 23 acres and is a farm for his son who loves animals.  Jax says that he wants to hire Nero as a booker for the Caracara girls, because men want the "porn star experience" and they have dates that can be between $1500 and $5000 (more than Nero's girls make).  Apparently there is an old Elks Lodge on 88 that Jax can acquire where Nero can restart his business, and Jax offers a 50/50 split on his girls.  Nero says he would consider it but only if there is no more drug/gun running on the Sons behalf.  Jax has his own condition, with wanting Nero to stay away from Gemma.  Nero considers this for a bit, and then they shake hands on their new deal.
Gemma is back in her office and Wendy has come in to get the money from Gemma (Gemma is repaying Wendy for bailing her out of jail).  Wendy finds out about Opie, and wants to pay her respects, but cannot.  Tara shows up as Wendy's leaving.  Tara starts to go after Gemma, but then Gemma directs her anger to Carla, and then we have this big cat fight where Gemma starts off fighting Carla and then Tara jumps in.  People have compared this scene to when Gemma and Tara took care of the "Caretaker" (at least this is what I've heard on the internet).
We then have our ending, which begins with Jax on the roof (there has been great joy taken in the fact that we now know how he gets up there, from a ladder in the clubhouse).  We flash to the Sons and other mourners paying their respects to Opie and leaving trinkets in his coffin.  We see Nero putting a battered Carla in his truck, and then Tara hiding away and smoking pot.  We shoot back to Jax looking at the photo of him and Opie, and Bobby coming to get him to say his final farewell to Opie.  Jax walks into where Opie's coffin is, and leaves the photo of him and Opie saying "I'll see you later, brother". Then everyone rises and follows him out of the building to the hearse where Opie's coffin is put back in.  After the procession out of the clubhouse with the coffin, Tara finally shows up.  Jax then closes the hearse door.  The song Lost Boy is playing during this part, and I have heard that a lot of people think this was a very fitting song for this part.  And that's then end of episode four from season five.
Personally, I thought there would be a little more ceremony for Opie.  But then again, we've had all types of funerals already, including Donna's, Half Sack's, and Piney's.  I just thought there would be something a little grander.  But the darkness of it might be foreshadowing for what's to come in this season, and the final two of the series.  Plus Kurt Sutter has said that Opie's death will color the rest of this season, and that color has to be a dark one if the wake was any kind of hint.
I will be posting in a couple of days my recap of Orca Shrugged, so stay tuned for that.  And this week we have a new episode, so by the end of the week I should have a recap of that.  Also, I will be calling in to the Watchers Of Anarchy, and they broadcast live on Saturday evenings, so check them out (the link is on this website).
Until next time, take care everybody.

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GOM 070 SOA S5E3 Laying Pipe

Hey everyone! Welcome to episode 70 of Girl Of Mayhem. Today we are going to be talking about episode 3 from season 5 of Sons Of Anarchy, titled Laying Pipe.
Let me give you guys a couple of disclaimers before we get started. First, I am in no way affiliated with the cast or crew of Sons of Anarchy, I am merely a fan doing a fan podcast. Second, I am not part of an MC, nor have I ever been so any info I get about that lifestyle is secondhand through another source such as the internet.
Now let me give you guys some ways you can contact me with your feedback. As always, you can email me at girlofmayhem@gmail.com, call me at 559-762-2278 and leave a voicemail, or comment on the website http://girlofmayhem.com. You can also find us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/girlofmayhempodcast and tweet me at @girlofmayhem on Twitter.
Don't forget, I still want all of your feedback!
I had a couple of nice emails this week from our friend Shep.  I also had some people tweet me on Twitter, and I want to thank you for that feedback.  In his emails, Shep mentioned something from previous seasons, asking if we'd see Linc again, if we would ever find out why it looked like they knew each other.  Personally I'm hoping we will get back to that storyline, but I don't know that it will happen this season.
Shep also made some points about this episode, saying that Sutter has upped the "sickness" level and that the plot twists are "brilliant".  He also talked about Tig, and how he thinks Jax will "throw him to the wolves" after Jax gets what he needs.
Today we are going to be talking about episode 3, Laying Pipe.  There won't be a character analysis today, but I'll try to have one next episode.
The description for this episode reads "A desperate situation tests familial and club bonds".  The music in this episode included the Mojo Monkeys with Beating Dead Horses, Mama's Song by Keaton Simons, Sun Kil Moon with Third And Seneca, and finally, Lay Me Down by Cold Specks.
Before I go over the specific details of the episode I just have to start by saying I am devastated by Opie's death.  It is just so sad.  Opie never got any justice, and had nothing but tragedy because of SOA.  I understand that it's part of a bigger plot line, and I knew from the beginning that this show was not always going to be happy-go-lucky, and I know the end of the series will not be a happy ending.  Frankly, I half expect everyone but Clay to be dead.  So while it was surprising that it happened when and how it did, it's not surprising that Opie died. 
Now we can get to our details!
When we begin this episode Jax, Tig, Chibs, and Opie are entering jail.  They are confronted by what I assume to be jailed 9ers, but the Mexicans step in between saying that orders come from above not to touch SOA.  The Mexican "leader" says to Jax "You got a spot with us".
Then we see Gemma at Nero's, Carla comes in and says that Emma Jean (played by Ashley Tisdale) is waiting.  Apparently Emma is a "freelancer" from Indiana.
Back at the jail, Chibs is worried about the guards, and one of the guards calls Jax to go with him.
Next we see the guys at the clubhouse.  We find out that Romeo wants to meet with them.  Gemma shows up, mentions that she's going to the hospital.
In the wardens office at the jail, we see Mr. Pope.  We see the warden putting away money when Jax comes in.  Pope talks to Jax alone.  One of my favorite lines from this part is when Pope says "Let's not discuss the tragedy of dead girls, that's an argument you'd lose".  Pope knows about SOA's relationship with the cartel (but apparently he doesn't know they're CIA, which is interesting because it points to the fact that while Pope may know a lot, he clearly doesn't know everything). He tells Jax he will now be taking 50% of their cut, Tig is to stay inside jail for life, and he needs a dead Son - the Commander will set it up.  Pope says "Cost of doing battle, to which Jax replies "I'm not going to war", and Pope responds "You're already in it, son".
Now we are at the main part of our episode.
The first thing we see is Jax with the warden (Commander?).  The only thing the officer will tell Jax is that he needs to see the guard in solitary.
Our next scene is Gemma at the hospital.  She's in the daycare, trying to see Abel and Thomas.  She's not on the list to visit with them, so she's not allowed to.  Of course this upsets Gemma, and she's given a consent form and storms off.
Tara is in with a patient, and Gemma barges in (Margaret tries to interfere but you know how Gemma is!).  At one point Tara says to Gemma "You will not bully me" and this is yet another example of how Tara is gaining strength to be the club matriarch.  Also during this part Tara makes a comment about the hickeys on Gemma's neck.
We have a brief scene at the yard in jail, where Jax tells the other guys half of what Pope wants.
The next thing we see is Clay meeting with Romeo.  Luis is upset about the truck ambush, but Bobby reassures the deliveries and tells him that the ambush was personal and had nothing to do with anyone trying to mess with the cartel.
Clay then wants Juice to take him to where Gemma's been, and basically guilts Juice in to taking him to the escort service.  Clay knows there's another guy.
Gemma then meets with Wendy.  She bribes her in to trying to set Tara up, by lying to her, and using Abel as leverage.  Wendy has an interesting point when she reminds Gemma that Gemma said to Wendy "He will never call you mommy".
Back at the jail yard, the guys from SOA start a fight with the 9ers.  They are taken to solitary (which may I note, in this part all the men are naked...).  Tig makes a racist comment (which I will not repeat) that clearly angers the other guys.
Next, Wendy stops by Tara's office.  She wants to talk about Abel (clearly this is the influence of Gemma). Tara tells Wendy about her marriage to Jax.  Wendy threatens to take them to court for custody, and Tara figures out that Gemma got to Wendy.  She tells Wendy that Gemma played her.  At the end, Tara calls Wendy and "ex junky biker whore", to which Wendy replies under her breath "Okay Gemma".
We then see Opie and Jax in their solitary cell.  They are having a conversation and Opie knows Jax hasn't sold the whole truth.  The guard comes in, wants to know which son has been chosen to die.  We find out that the guards have money on the fight.  After the guard leaves Jax tells Opie all of Pope's demands, he doesn't know how to keep everyone alive.  Jax also tells Opie about the letters, and the real truth as to why Clay killed Piney (and JT).
Opie grabs Jax in anger, "Why didn't you let me kill him?".  Then Jax tells Opie about the Cartel, Otto ratting out Bobby, RICO, and the IRA.  Jax says "That's the whole truth" to which Opie replies "you made the wrong choice".
We then see Tara with Margaret.  Margaret knows about the marriage, heard it from the nurses.  Gemma's waiting outside the daycare for the kids/Tara.
At the daycare Tara tells Gemma about Wendy.  A great quote from this part is when Gemma calls Tara "my pretty little Frankenstein".  Tara warns Gemma against hurting Tara and Tara's family.  Tara says she won't kill Gemma, but Jax might.  This is pivotal because Jax has always been endeared to his mother, but now that he's beginning to learn the truth about everything, how he views Gemma has changed.  Then Carla calls Gemma, apparently Clay and Juice are at Diosa.
Next we are at Diosa, and Clay is meeting Nero for the first time.  Carla tells Nero who Clay is (Gemma's old man), and Clay figures out who Nero is.  Juice tries valiantly to get Clay to leave to no avail.  Clay wants to hook up with Emma Jean, and Carla hooks up with Juice.
Back at solitary the guard comes in, hits Jax knee because there's still no decision.  Jax and Opie then meet with Chibs and Tig and Jax tells them the whole truth about Pope's demands.  Jax's nice attempt to take back control of the situation is when he tells them "He (meaning Pope) doesn't get to make these decisions".  Oh, but Jax is so wrong...  The guard enters again, and says either Jax chooses who fights or he will.  Opie then becomes our hero, or martyr depending on how you look at the situation, and headbutts the guard saying "I got this".
And now here is the part where hearts break everywhere. 
Opie is taking in to the "fight" room and Jax, Chibs, and Tig are forced to watch on the other side of the window, powerless to do anything about the situation.  There is a lot of banging on the window, but to no avail.  Opie is told to "keep it interesting" and is given a pipe (hence the title of the show, Laying Pipe).  The 9ers enter (I'm assuming they're 9ers but they might not be - I've been saying this the whole time in my recap, mostly to avoid any racial faux pas, but they might just be associated with Pope or associated with the 9ers but not actual 9ers).
The fight begins and I'm was hoping, as I'm sure you were that Opie just might make it.  It looked at first like he might be able to take them down all by himself, but alas, he is taken down.  He drops to his knees, and is facing the window where Jax, Chibs, and Tig are.  He stares right at Jax (although can he actually see him?) and with a small smile is given what's been called the "death blow", a shot to the back of his head with the pipe.  During this part it is eerily silent, and as bits of skull and blood fly everywhere, we know we have lost one of our best men.  The other 9ers then pile on, and that is the sad and unfortunate end of Opie.
We then see Jax being walked back to either solitary or general population by the guard.  He talks to the guard as they're walking, calm, steady, obviously angry but his tone is that of someone who is control.  He tells the guard that the Sons are being released, and when he gets out "I'll find out who you are, where you live, and then I'm going to kill you".  Obviously there is to be retribution for the death of Opie, and this gives us yet another plot line.
Then we have Jax meeting with Pope.  He voices his demands now that Opie has passed.  Jax wants Tig on the outside and is not taking no for an answer.  He tells Pope that he will be using Tig until he is done with him and then Pope can have him "because I just don't give a shit".  Which adds another plot twist to our ever evolving story - what will Tig be used for and will Jax really turn him over to Pope to meet his ultimate end?  I think during this part Pope begins developing a bit of respect for Jax, and says to Jax "Finding the hidden advantage in a circumstance.  Using pain to take you to the next level.  Those are the things that turn players in to kings".  Jax then requests to call Tara, and Pope allows him to do so from the Commanders phone.
This is the beginning of our end to this episode.
We see the raid at Diosa, where someone is shot. Gemma is awakened by the shot (this is happening at the same time Opie is killed), and then the police bust in and her and Nero are arrested.  Apparently someone (the speculation is between Clay and Emma Jean, with most parties leaning towards Clay) has ratted out Nero's little business.
We then see Tara at home (with Bobby and Happy, Happy entertaining the kids) answering the call from Jax.
Finally, we see Jax, Chibs, and Tig back in general population.  Jax first talks to Chibs (interesting that all the other inmates clear the path for Jax, hearing of the news of Opie's death, they give him the utmost respect and room to do what he has to).  He tells Chibs about the release and tells him to start researching the guard, which Chibs is more than happy to do.  He then asks Chibs to send Tig over.  As Jax talks to Tig, Tig tries to apologize (which Jax has no patience for him).  Basically he tells Tig never to go against him again, that Tig is only to vote in favor of whatever Jax wants and support all of Jax's decisions.  Tig says "You've got my word, brother", and he is obviously repentant, although it is just too late for that now.
I've said it before, this is not a happy-go-lucky show.  We've already experienced loss and tragedy, and my feeling is that everyone at the end will be dead, except Clay.  Clearly this is speculation and I don't know what will actually happen, but Opie's death won't be the last tragic one that we have.  This story is about the destruction of a family, both in the club sense and the blood-related sense.
If you have any feedback I more than welcome it either on the voicemail line, in email, or on Facebook and Twitter.
Until next time, take care.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Orlando Has It's Own "SOA" Moment

MC Gang Fight in Orlando?
I was sitting in a bar Sunday afternoon eating some wings with my boyfriend and another couple and in walks a cop... No, this isn't the start of a bad joke.  After the owner got done talking to the cop, we asked him what was going on (we know him fairly well).  Apparently a fight between motorcyle gangs had broken out at a VFW nearby and they were putting all local bar owners on alert.
What was my first thought?  SOA has come to Orlando!!! While it's never good to have this kind of violence, especially when MC's are involved, it is kind of exciting and I wanted to share it with my friends of the GOM podcast.  The link is at the top of this post, and as more info comes out I'll probably post it here on the website.

Friday, September 28, 2012

GOM 069 SOA S5E2 Authority Vested

Hey everyone!  Welcome to episode 69 (LoL) of Girl Of Mayhem. Today we are going to be talking about episode 2 from season 5 of Sons Of Anarchy, titled Authority Vested.
Let me give you guys a couple of disclaimers before we get started.  First, I am in no way affiliated with the cast or crew of Sons of Anarchy, I am merely a fan doing a fan podcast.  Second, I am not part of an MC, nor have I ever been so any info I get about that lifestyle is secondhand through another source such as the internet.
Ok, I have to start with some kind of sad news, Johnny Lewis, who played Halfsack in the first few seasons has passed away.  You can find the article online at the New York Daily Times website, or through a search engine.  I have the link posted on Facebook and Twitter, and on http://girlofmayhem.com.  I want to thank James for emailing me right away to tell me, and providing the link we have on the GOM website.
Now let me give you guys some ways you can contact me with your feedback.  As always, you can email me at girlofmayhem@gmail.com, call me at 559-762-2278 and leave a voicemail, or comment on the website http://girlofmayhem.com.  You can also find us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/girlofmayhempodcast and tweet me at @girlofmayhem on Twitter.
Don't forget, I still want all of your feedback!
Today we are going to be talking the second episode from season 5, and I am also going to give you a character analysis of one of our newer characters, Nero (played by Jimmy Smits).  I also wanted to ask all of you if you have the SOA app, and if you do, what do you think about it?  Can you tell what's new when there's an update?  I'm having a lot of trouble with the new app set-up and really want the old one back!  If you have it, let me know what you think!
I want to thank Shep for his thoughts on the first episode, he emailed me and mentioned that now it makes sense why they introduced Tig's daughter last season, and thought it was heartbreaking what Pope did to her.  I also want to thank James for emailing about Johnny Lewis, and John from Houston for leaving a voicemail.  John mentioned that Sutter is having some OMG moments, thought the scene with Tig's daughter was one of the most painful he's ever seen.  He also said that Gemma's sex scene with Nero was a "wow" moment and that he hopes they don't overwhelm this season (season 5) with too many plot lines.  He likes the direction Tara's character is going, and is worried about Clay sneaking back in.  John is going to try to attend "church" over at the Watchers of Anarchy (a fellow SOA podcast - you can find the link on the GOM site).
Now let's get down to business and talk about this episode, Authority Vested.
The description for this episode reads "Jax and SAMCRO are challenged as past sins resurface".  The music in this episode includes Hayes Greenfield with Steel House Blues, Fitz & The Tantrums with We Don't Need No Love Songs, Attika 7 with All Or Nothing, and Jack Savoretti with Soldiers Eyes (which plays during the ending montage).
When we open, we are at Opie's.  He is sleeping but wakes up when he hears a sound.  After grabbing his gun and checking things out he discovers Sheriff Roosevelt at his door. Roosevelt is looking for Jax.
Then we are at Diosa International (Nero's escort service - by the way, I looked it up and diosa means "goddess").  Jax and Chibs are talking about how Tig is still MIA and they need to find him to fill him on what's going on with the warrants.  Also during this scene Bobby asks Gemma how long she's knows Nero, trying to gather whether Nero is trustworthy.  Gemma mentions she hasn't known him long but trusts him.  Carla comes out to go on a job and tells Nero she wants SOA gone (apparently she doesn't do well with surprises).  I liked that they called the sex rooms "therapy rooms".  Jax questions Nero's motives during this scene and when Gemma tries to vouch for him, I noticed how forceful Jax is in silencing her.  Apparently the President patch has given him some power.  Jax, Bobby, and Chibs leave to go get Tig after they get a call, and Nero loans him a truck because their bikes will be too auspicious.
Next we are at Gemma's, where Unser is coming to after the beating.  We see Clay alone at his own place, Unser calls him to get over there.
At the rail yard we see Tig sitting by the burned bodies.  The guys pull up and Tig tells them that Pope did it.  He mentions he wants/needs to find Fawn because Pope threatened to kill her too.  The guys help him pull Dawn out of the hole with the other bodies.
Back at Gemma's Juice and Clay have arrived and are surprised Unser was there just to feed the bird.  In a humorous moment, Unser mentions the bird is his closest friend.  Clay thinks it's Pope who's behind the break-in.  During this part it really hit me how down and out both Clay and Unser are.  Once kings of Charming, time has taken it's toll on both of them, and in their own way they are paying for their past sins, at least that's what it seems to me.  I also think it's odd that so far Unser's cancer has not been mentioned this season, and I wonder if we are going to get some kind of update on his status with that.  A great quote by Unser during this part is "Charmed life, ain't it?".
At the rail yard the guys burn the other bodies (the cop and the cleaner), and we see Tig holding Dawn's burned body like a baby.  Very sad.

The bulk of our episode starts off at Diosa.  The guys are trying to reach out to Romeo, because he's the only one who can help them.  Someone suggests Alvarez, but that's shot down.  I'm wondering how much of the Mayans we'll end up seeing this season.  As I'm sure most of you have noticed, there are ebbs and flows with how much we see of any given gang.  One season will focus more on the Irish, another on the 9ers, another on the Mayans, etc. 
Also during this part Jax gives Nero some money.  How nice it must be to finally have cash flow instead of doing odd things to piece it together.  I guess that's the one good thing that comes from being drug mules.  Jax has an interesting comment during this part where he says "All this activity makes me think we're in the wrong business".  Clearly he's talking about how busy the escort service is.
At Pope's office, August comes in and tells Pope about the cop and cleaner being dead at the rail yard. 
Back at Diosa, the guys meet with their lawyer.  Jax is trying to buy more time before they go to jail because they need protection on the inside (they know "black" is coming after them).  While in the meeting, Clay calls about the break-in.  In a private session between Jax, Tara, Bobby, and the lawyer they talk about RICO and Jax tells her how it's being held over their heads.  They need to prove Otto's story is false in order to get Bobby off the hook permanently, and try to fight off RICO. 
After the meeting Bobby tries to explain to Jax that the break-ins are not about payback from Pope/the 9ers.  Jax has Bobby take Gemma home to deal with the break-in, and the guys have to go find Fawn.  It is decreed by the lawyer that Jax, Chibs, and Tig have about 8 hours til they need to turn themselves in.
At Gemma's, Roosevelt is there investigating the home invasion.  I thought it was interesting to note that Unser says something about there being 4 of them, when I only saw 2 in the last episode, and at the end of this episode, we see who 3 of them are... Something to ponder.
Again at Diosa, Jax and Tara have a conversation.  Jax tells Tara how well she's been dealing with all that's been going on (with the club).  Tara starts to get upset when Fawn is found and Jax says he needs to leave to go with Tig to get her, and then stops herself.  While Tara is becoming more and more like Gemma, becoming a stronger women, it personally bothers me when she stops herself from saying her true feelings to Jax.
During this part, Jax decides that they should get married.  That day.  I love Tara's quote when she says "Here?  In a brothell?  Wanted for murder..."  I was kind of upset when Jax brought up that he'd killed a fed for her.  The "fed" was trying to rape her, and I would think any man who loved a woman would have done the same.  I didn't like the throwing it in her face vibe I got.  But I did laugh when he said "Nothing says endless love like capital murder".
Over at Roosevelt's office, Unser stops by.  He talks to Roosevelt about the break-ins.  He mentions to Roosevelt that it "felt more white".  Roosevelt looks offended (I found it highly amusing) and asks "and how does white feel?".  Even funnier was when Unser said it was "sloppy" and that the beating was "obligatory".  Unser mentions he'll be poking around, and will tell Roosevelt if he finds anything and asks that Roosevelt do the same.  I liked their moment when Unser talked about wearing the badge for 30 years and his involvement with SOA.
Meanwhile, Jax and the guys arrive at the house in Oakland where Fawn is supposed to be.  Tig starts to take the guys on the porch by force, but they don't have any tattoos and are clearly not 9ers.  Then we hear Fawn screaming and they rush in.  Turns out, she's having consensual rough sex with her boyfriend.  I just want to note, between Gemma's sex scene, the escort service, and Fawn's sex scene, there is a LOT of sex going on this season!
We come back from the commercial and we are still in Oakland.  Tig is talking to Fawn, and she realizes Dawn is dead.  She starts screaming that she hates Tig, and hits him.  They pull him off of her.  Jax talks to Fawn's boyfriend, and gives him some money (not sure how much) to get her out of town.  Chibs is instructed to stay behind and make sure Fawn gets out, and Jax is going to call Nero to come pick him up.  I want to say that for the record, as suspicious as Jax was of Nero, he sure is taking advantage of the favors Nero can offer!
Next we see Bobby and Clay in the van, and Clay has Bobby bring him to Opie's.  Bobby clearly does not think this is good idea, and during this part Bobby mentions how he doesn't think the club will vote Clay out for killing Piney (although they should! We all know why they won't but COME ON, GET CLAY OUT!).  We then have a scene with Clay and Opie in Opie's backyard.  Opie is CLEARLY not happy to see Clay, saying "What the hell is this, Clay?".  Clay is not stupid enough to try and say he's sorry (and we all know he isn't anyway).  He talks to Opie about how Opie needs to support Jax, and he tells Opie that it's "his time" at the table.  He also tells Opie that the guys are turning themselves in.
Nero comes to pick up Jax in Oakland.  Nero has a stop to make. On their way to the stop, Jax asks Nero about the escort business.  This leads me to believe Jax either wants to start his own, wants a piece of Nero's, or is looking for a way to get out of the guns/drugs.  Considering that SOA has been in the porn business before (are they still in any way?), this isn't that far fetched.
Also in this part we find out that Nero still has his "crew" (gang?), but doesn't run them anymore.  Most of the people he ran with are dead or in jail.  We learn that Nero had spent his 30's in Chino, and there he kicked his drug habit.  They pull up to Saint Emilio's Home For Physically Challenged Youth.
Unser is at Teller-Morrow auto, when we see him he appears to be questioning Wade (the mechanic who also had his home broken in to).  Gemma calls him in to the office, while they're having a conversation SOA's lawyer comes in with the marriage certificate for Jax & Tara.  Gemma looks surprised, she of course didn't know.  She says she will drop it off to them.  (For a second I didn't think she would!)
Then we are back at the youth home where we see Nero with a disabled child, and he's giving him a gift.  Jax goes to have a cigarette and we see that the 9ers are watching from and SUV.  When both him and Nero are in the car they have a conversation about the problems their children face.  Both men had women who used drugs during pregnancy.  Nero's son has spina bifida (caused from the mother).  As they're leaving Nero states "We got admirers".  The 9ers are following them.  Jax offers to get out, but instead Nero takes them on a car chase where he plays chicken with them, the 9ers lose and crash, and Nero manages to lose the tail. "Sorry, I don't get out that much" Nero tells Jax after exclaiming how fun it was.
The next thing we see is the filming of a porn scene.  Ima and Lila are in it.  As the director yells cut, we see Opie who is waiting for Lila.  He needs to talk to her, asks her if she can watch his kids for a few weeks.  He gives her 20grand to do it.  She asks him if he ever loved her, and he basically replies "I don't know if I love anything", assumingly trying not to hurt her.
Gemma is at Diosa and she brings Jax the marriage license.  When he looks the other way she goes to talk to Tara.  Although Gemma is upset, she brings Tara the rings from her marriage to JT.  Gemma has a very true line during this part when she says "There is no one else who understands what you are going through right now better than I do".  I also noted that she called Jax her "only son", which struck me for some reason.  Jax is clearly her only LIVING son, but I would think she would count Thomas as her son, even though he's deceased.
We move on to the marriage ceremony (where the Judge seems bored and is rushed).  Jax allows Tara to take off his "SO" and "NS" rings in order to put on the wedding ring.  Chibs speaks briefly, and after the vows are done Romeo calls.
Our next (and final) scene in the main part of the episode is the guys meeting with Romeo and Luis.  Jax tells them about Pope setting them up.  He requests they use their connections to protect the guys while they're in jail, he also requests they work on making the charges disappear.  Jax has some great lines during this scene when he says "I am trying to survive, it ain't easy living on both sides of the fence, you know that".
After Jax and the guys leave Romeo and Luis have a private conversation and Luis asks what happens if they can't get the guys protection in jail.  Romeo says "Let black kill him, go to plan B" to which Luis replies "We don't have a plan B" and Romeo says "We will".
Our ending starts at the clubhouse with the guys waiting to be picked up by the Sheriff.
Jax says goodbye to Bobby, and then we hear the cops arrive.  Jax says goodbye to Tara, and then to Gemma.  We see Gemma consoling Tig, saying that she'll make sure Fawn is okay.  When everybody goes out to meet the cops, that's when we see Opie arrive (and our ending montage begins).
Opie punches Roosevelt, therefore getting arrested.  When asked what he's doing Gemma replies "he's staying close".  Meaning he's listening to what Clay told him and staying close to Jax and the club.  It's ironic that Gemma knows the exact wording, but she's been around the life for so long that it's not surprising.
Then we see the nomads who were patched over (GoGo, Greg the Peg, and Frankie Diamonds) dumping Clay's safe. And we see Frankie examining the documents that were inside the safe (marriage certificates, etc).
We then see the guys (Jax, Opie, Chibs, & Tig) inside the "bus" going to jail.  Jax asks Opie "Is this you becoming me", to which Opie replies "How'd I do", and Jax says "Not bad".
We see Tara, Gemma, Bobby, etc at the clubhouse watching them leave.
Our next scene is Gemma at Nero's place, asking him "Is this okay?" (meaning is it ok that she's coming to him for comfort).
We see Clay, alone again, with his oxygen tank and drink, once again, a la Piney.
We see Pope in his office looking at Jax's arrest record.
Finally, our last shot is of the guys on the "bus".  During this ending montage, Soldiers Eyes by Jack Savoretti is playing (a VERY good song choice!).
And that's it for episode 2 from season 5 of SOA.  Please don't forget to write or call in with your thoughts on this episode!

The next thing we're going to talk about is a character analysis of Nero, played by Jimmy Smits.
I'm going to start with Jimmy Smits' bio and then move onto details about and thoughts on the character.
Jimmy (which that's his real first name, not James, actually Jimmy) was born in Brooklyn, NY on 7-9-1955.  He is 6 feet 3 inches tall.  He was married to a woman named Barbara from 1980 to 1987, and has 2 kids, a boy and a girl.  He has been with Wanda De Jesus since 1986, so over 26 years (and yes, partly during the time he was still married to Barbara, but I'm assuming that maybe they were separated).  Jimmy has a Bachelors degree from Brooklyn College in theater, and has a Masters degree from Cornell (impressive!).  A fun fact is that he was named the "King of Brooklyn" in 1991 at a festival.
As far as TV, Jimmy has appeared on popular shows such as Dexter, The West Wing, LA Law, and NYPD Blue.  He has also been in movies, such as Star Wars Episode II and Star Wars Episode III.
Now onto our character.
We've been given a fairly good background on Neron "Nero" Padilla, although I'm sure we still have a lot to learn.  We know that he is part of a gang (not sure which one but there is speculation that it's called Majestic).  He used to run it but no longer does.  Most of the people he used to hang around with are dead or locked up.  He spent his 30's locked up himself, in Chino.  He had a drug habit but kicked it while he was in Chino.  He does not appear to be married, but we know he has a son.  His son has Spina Bifida and lives in a group home for the physically challenged.  He now owns Diosa International, an escort service.  He takes 25% of the cut from the girls of their in-house customers, and 30-40% when they have outside calls.  And that's our general background.
Here are my thoughts:
Nero definitely seems kind of sweet and goodhearted.  He's offered up assistance to Gemma, Jax, and the club, without really asking for anything.  And his sons story can really pull at heart strings.  But my prediction is this character is going to turn.  Something is going to happen to change the way we view him.  I don't think Sutter just brings in characters who are "nice guys".  I have no idea what will change, or what will cause the change, but I see it coming.  And I'm thinking it will be this season.  I would love to hear what the rest of you think of Nero, and also what kind of job you think Jimmy Smits is doing playing the character.

Well, that's it for now.  Hope everyone is doing well, and I hope to hear from you  before the next episode!